$5,000 in Home Reno Rebates for Saving Energy

Energy Conservation Rebates for Natural Gas

The Ontario Government has launched a program to provide incentives to homeowners save energy due to the move to reduce climate change.    Up to $5,000 is available to homeowners for a variety of improvements including furnaces, heat-pumps, insulation, and windows.  In addition, a list of these improvements is below, with rebate amounts for each.

The Home Reno Rebate is available in South-Western Ontario from Union Gas. It was launched in October 2016, and the program has not yet been widely publicized.  Therefore, many eligible homeowners still aren’t aware of it.  It’s part of the $100 million Green Investment Fund, funded through the Climate Change Action Plan.

In addition to getting government money for these changes, you will also save on utility bills for years to come.


The program is similar to the hugely successful ecoENERGY Retrofit program that ran from 2007 until 2012.  Get an energy assessment from a qualified energy advisor before you start, in order to be eligible.  Also, complete at least two of the renovations recommended in the assessment. The advisor will return for an inspection after the work has been completed.  The program also offers a further $600 rebate to offset the cost of the assessment.

Funded Activities:

Here is a list of the amount that the government will pay for each activity.  Further, you can find a complete list along with more information on the Program Page.

  • Basement Insulation: up to $1,250
  • Attic Insulation: up to $500
  • Air Sealing: $150
  • Windows, Doors, Skylights:  $80/each
  • Furnace/Boiler:  $1,000
  • Wood Burning System:  $750
  • Water Heater: $500
  • Appliances, including an ENERGY STAR Refrigerator, Freezer, Dehumidifier, Window A/C, or Clothes Washer:  $25 – $75 each
  • Smart Thermostat:  $100

Start Now

First, contact a Certified Energy Advisor to learn more about the program.  There are many qualified firms in the Waterloo Region.  Their costs will vary, so contact a few before making a decision.

The Paragon Group provides energy saving solutions for small and mid-sized businesses.  Check out our conservation page, and give us a call to talk about your options to stop paying high energy bills.

Energy Rebates
Home Reno Rebate Save up to $5,000

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